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We are a global community that shares a common interest: to ensure that research outputs and resources are openly available and connected so that their reuse can advance knowledge across and between disciplines, now and in the future.

As a community, we make research more effective with metadata that connects research outputs and resources – from samples and images to data and preprints. We enable the creation and management of persistent identifiers (PIDs), integrate services to improve research workflows, and facilitate the discovery and reuse of research outputs and resources.

If you are interested in a DataCite membership and would like to learn more about our membership options and
associated fees, please send an enquiry via the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.


Maximize impact

  • Adapt to the unique needs of individual domains, users, and use cases
  • Improve interoperability with other infrastructure providers such as Crossref and ORCID
  • Connect research outputs through service integration

Improve efficiencies

  • Benefit from economies of scale as a registration collective
  • Streamline implementation to ensure compliance and follow best practice (e.g., FAIR)
  • Simplify the registration process and take advantage of DataCite technology
  • Track organizational influence and make reporting easier

Make a difference

  • Contribute to our development roadmap
  • Work with an organization active in the open science community
  • Join the discussion on the DataCite page of the PID Forum

Be supported

  • Get help when you need it via and other channels
  • Make registration easy with implementation guides and supporting documentation
  • Receive updates on news and events with our monthly newsletter, regular blogs, and social media posts

Types of Membership

This type of member supports DataCite’s mission and wants to collaborate with DataCite and/or be part of DataCite’s governance. Find out more.

These Members do not register DOIs.

This type of member supports DataCite’s mission and is an organization that works with one or more repositories within their organization. The repositories are under the same administrative structure as the organization.

A consortium is a group of like-minded organizations that have come together to collectively participate in DataCite’s community and governance activities and use DataCite’s DOI services. Consortia are generally located in a single country or subject-based. Organizations within a consortium can work with one or more repositories.

  • A consortium is composed of five or more organizations that are under different administrative structures.
  • Consortia should consist of a minimum of five organizations, including the consortium lead. New consortia are expected to reach this number in one year.
  • All future Consortium Organizations should either be within one geographic region OR subject area.
  • One organization within the consortium is designated the Consortium Lead and fulfills a range of responsibilities.
  • Consortium Leads can distribute costs across the Consortium Organizations as per their own policies and structures.

How can I start registering DOIs?

How can I provide DataCite Services as a Platform?

Within the DataCite community, there are a number of organizations, e.g. technology providers, that provide platforms for the deposition of research outputs. Preferably, this is done as part of our DataCite Registered Service Providers Program.

Please note that when an organization:

this organization should join as a Consortium. Direct Members and Consortium Organizations cannot provide DOI services to external organizations.