Become a DataCite Registered Service Provider

DataCite Registered Service Provider Community Badge

What is a DataCite Registered Service Provider?

A DataCite Registered Service Provider provides software that integrates with a DataCite API in order to allow DataCite Members to register DOIs using each Member’s own DataCite Repository account credentials. Registered Service Providers meet requirements and follow best practices to ensure that their integrations register DOIs correctly and support the creation of high-quality metadata. Organizations that provide a CRIS or a repository platform, or that assist other organizations in developing custom DataCite integrations, are examples of Registered Service Providers.

Goals of the Program

  • Provide current and prospective DataCite Members with information about Registered Service Providers they can work with to easily implement DOI registration.
  • Provide guidance and best practices to Registered Service Providers.
  • Enable easier communication with Registered Service Providers.
  • Provide better support to both Registered Service Providers and Members.


  1. Integrate DataCite API: Integrate the DataCite REST API (recommended for new integrations) or MDS API into one or more software products to enable DataCite DOI registration for users with existing DataCite repository credentials.
  2. Demonstrate functional DOI registration workflow: Provide evidence that they have registered findable DOIs in the DataCite production environment through their integration. 
  3. Commit to Metadata Schema support review: Work with DataCite to establish plans and timeline for updating schema support when a new version of the DataCite Metadata Schema is released.
  4. Offer secure credential management: In cases where users must share their DataCite credentials, provide a secure means for them to do so (ex: encrypted email, password manager, etc).
  5. Follow best practices: Make best effort to adhere to the DataCite Best Practices for Registered Service Providers.
  6. Display the DataCite Registered Service Provider badge: Display the DataCite Registered Service Provider badge on their website (badge image file will be provided upon successful registration).
  7. Provide support for users on DOI registration: Provide first-line support for DataCite DOI registration to their users, coordinating with DataCite support ( if necessary.
  8. Respond to support requests from DataCite: Provide a designated contact email that DataCite staff can use to request assistance with troubleshooting member support issues and respond to requests in a timely manner.
  9. Share information about the integration with DataCite: Provide DataCite staff with basic, current information about their service(s) upon request.
  10. Document the DataCite integration: Incorporate a description of the DataCite integration into support documentation for the platform or service.


Become a DataCite Registered Service Provider

  1. Contact DataCite ( to express interest. We invite you to contact us at any stage of developing your integration; our team can provide support with both new and existing integrations.
  2. Ensure that you meet the Requirements and that you are following the Best Practices for Registered Service Providers.
  3. If you are interested in joining the program and your integration is ready to be evaluated against the requirements, DataCite staff will schedule a verification call.
  4. During the verification call, you will be asked to demonstrate your integration and provide examples of findable DOIs that have been registered using your integration. This call will be recorded for DataCite internal use (with permission from those on the call).
  5. After the verification call, if you meet the program requirements, we will ask you to complete the Service Provider registration form. Once you complete the form, you will receive an automated email requesting that you electronically sign a PDF copy of the completed form.
  6. Once the registration form is signed, you will be listed on the DataCite website and receive the DataCite Registered Service Providers badge.