2021 underway!


At the end of last year, we had the opportunity to reflect on 2020 (@https://doi.org/10.5438/dc6e-ht89) as a year and plan for 2021. It was certainly a challenging year for all of us in the community and it is during these times that we realize our collective strength! Despite the challenges that we had, DataCite continued to grow as a global community working together.

Today, I would like to share our Vision 2021 that puts into action the goals set out in our strategic plan. We started our year with the purpose to continue building on our core principles and values as a community. DataCite works to collaborate closely with the research community to expand our services, increase our membership, and promote an open culture of data sharing. As a global leader in the field of scholarly infrastructure, we embrace the opportunity to further develop and promote the research infrastructure of the future by engaging with our members, taking a multidisciplinary approach to sharing research outputs, and cultivating the technical expertise to deliver services that benefit the entire research community!

Underpinning our activities this year, we set out the following strategic priorities (SPs):

SP1: Building on the DataCite identity. This involves solidifying our identity with the scholarly infrastructure community, improving our online presence and look and feel of our services, clarifying our relationships with partners and establishing clear principles for collaboration.

SP2: Working together with Communities of Practice including stakeholders, partners and members. Our focus will be to support, leverage and grow the communities that we work with, including the work that we set out last year with consortia and services providers.

SP3: Supporting community use cases with a focus on metadata. Our work to focus on member driven activities continues and we introduce an additional focal point on supporting use cases with metadata. This will include an updated metadata strategy, metadata completeness dashboards and extending our metadata schema to support community use cases.

SP4: Building trust in the services that our members use. It continues to be paramount that we provide trusted and reliable services to both our members and community. We will focus our efforts around scalability, stability, ease of use and security during 2021.

SP5: Adapting our processes and workflows to meet our members needs. As our community continues to grow and evolve, it is important that we ensure we have the relevant systems and processes to scale efficiently. Our work in this strategic priority focuses on improving our systems, supporting user-centered product design, implementing functionality to serve our members needs, launching better harvesting solutions, refine and improve our risk management, and finally build on our accounting practices as a global organization.

We look forward to working with all our members and community during 2021 and know that we will continue to succeed through working together. During 2021, our entire community will have the opportunity to engage with strategic consultants to develop our upcoming strategic plan and vision. We will share more about the process during February and explain how you will be involved in the process.

As always, thank you for your continued support and commitment to our mission. Feel free to get in contact with our team info@datacite.org.


Matthew Buys
Matt Buys
Executive Director at DataCite | Blog posts