Affiliation Facet – New in DataCite Search

“As an institution, I want to see all my research outputs”

As you know, we’ve been collaborating on ROR, which launched earlier this year, in order to make open persistent identifiers for research organizations a reality. With the most recent updates to our metadata schema, it’s now possible for our members and their repositories to add ROR IDs as affiliation identifiers in the metadata they submit to DataCite. Several of our members have already jumped on board the ROR train, and the number of DOI records that contain affiliation information is growing.

But what good is adding more identifiers if they don’t help you find what you need? That’s why we’ve added an affiliation facet to our public DataCite Search. Now when anyone is searching through DataCite metadata, they can filter their search results by the affiliation of the DOIs’ creators. This way, it’s easier than ever to see what your researchers produced, regardless of whose repository it’s in.

Robin Dasler
Product Manager at DataCite | Blog posts