Changes to Fabrica and the DataCite mailing lists: update your contact information in Fabrica to get up-to-date information

We are happy to announce that we are taking the final steps on our way to providing you with all the relevant information you need. We outlined this transition already last year, meaning to move away from our current mailing lists to mailing lists that will be based on member information available in DataCite Fabrica. We are excited to announce that this step will happen this week.

Updates needed

A lot of our members have already updated their contact information in Fabrica so that they can receive relevant information depending on the roles they have assigned to their contacts. This enables voting representatives to receive notifications for board elections, service contacts to receive invitations to open hours or consortium leads to receive announcements for events, to give a few examples. We have now made some changes in Fabrica to enable you to add more contacts and easily assign roles to the contacts.

allmembers subscribers should update their information using the new fields in Fabrica

We have made 3 contacts (service, voting and billing) mandatory to allow us to capture vital information to contact our members. To facilitate this we have introduced a new workflow for adding and updating contact information. We have added a new Contacts menu to your accounts to manage contact information. The Contacts area can be used to add, update and delete contact information. Once you have added your contacts via the Contact menu, you can assign roles to the added contacts in the Settings menu. The added contacts will appear in a drop down menu for you to assign roles for each contact. As of today, all of these changes apply to the Fabrica test environment too. Please note that the option to create new repositories is not available to members with incomplete contact information.

  1. Add contacts in the new contacts tab
Add contacts in the new contacts tab
  1. Fill in the contact details
Fill in the contact details
  1. Assign a role in the Member Settings
Assign a role in the Member Settings
Assign a role in the Member Settings

Please refer to our support pages on contacts workflow for detailed information.

allusers subscribers are invited to the PIDforum

We realize that some of the subscribers on the allusers mailing lists are not part of a member organization and are therefore unable to enter their information in Fabrica. Next week, we will invite everyone on the allusers list to join the PIDforum. Created and launched as a key element of global engagement activities on PIDs within the FREYA project, the PIDforum offers different categories and (multilingual) channels to discuss PID related topics. NISO, the National Information Standards Organisation, hosts the PIDforum as a sustainable global resource for persistent identifiers. On the PIDforum DataCite moderates a private DataCite Chat Room where you can discuss DataCite related topics. Going forward, we will share all information that you used to receive via the allusers list in the DataCite chat room. In order to join these channels you need to sign up. An invitation to the PIDforum will be sent to all subscribers of the allusers mailing list next week.

Specific actions for members

If your organization hasn’t updated its contact information, please do so in order to receive future communications from DataCite. The current mailing lists, the allmembers and allusers lists, will be retired on April 30, 2021. This means that from May 1, only contacts listed in Fabrica will receive emails from DataCite. In order to ensure that you continue receiving all communications from DataCite, it is very important that you update your Member contacts in DataCite Fabrica. This also applies to Consortium leads and Consortium Organizations. After you updated your contact information in Fabrica, you’ll receive an email to confirm your subscription to the mailing list. We are looking forward to providing you with all relevant information that is customized according to your needs and role in Fabrica.