Connected in Prague

On June 10, 2024, we hosted the DataCite Connect Prague event, collocated with PIDfest. We are happy that 40 community members joined us to discuss how we can collectively make the most of metadata. Bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, the event facilitated presentations and offered space for lively discussions. 

A person presenting to a seated audience in a modern conference room. The presentation slide is projected on a screen.
Helena Cousijn kicking off the event.

The session began with a warm welcome and introduction of the DataCite team by Helena Cousijn. To set the tone, we played metadata charades, where participants needed to guess the DataCite Metadata Schema properties. All five teams did a fantastic (and quick!) job in guessing all twenty core properties. This was followed by an introduction to metadata by Kelly Stathis and presentations on current practices and challenges by several members: Satoko Fujisawa (JaLC, JST), Tilo Mathes (ResearchSpace), and Scott Edmunds (GigaScience). Kelly Stathis, based on the work of Sara El-Gebali also presented some metadata insights, including the evolution of DataCite resource types registrations and the importance of PIDs as part of connection metadata. During the coffee break, participants had the chance to continue networking and chatted about all things metadata.

A speaker presenting a slide to an audience in a lecture room.
Satoko Fujisawa (JaLC) presents on metadata practices at JaLC.

The second half of the event featured breakout sessions diving into specifics of the resource types projects, samples, and awards, facilitated by experts Shawn Ross (ARDC) and Mattias Liffers (ARDC), Jens Klump (CSIRO) and Tilo Mathes (ResearchSpace), and Carly Robinson (US DoE, OSTI). During the breakout sessions, participants discussed workflows, identified adoption opportunities, and clarified definitions for these resource types. One theme that emerged was the importance of how PIDs for these different resource types can interact—for example, making connections between projects and funding awards, and between samples and their containing collections—and the need for integrations within existing systems.

The event finished with an overview of metadata harvesting and reuse from Cody Ross with the goal of presenting DataCite’s current support for metadata harvesting, and exploring repositories’ and harvesters’ needs. We heard about the use cases of Lunaris, presented by Lee Wilson (Digital Research Alliance of Canada), and Dimensions, presented by Alex Wade (Digital Science). We wrapped up the day with a group discussion where participants proposed how to collaborate to achieve research output discovery, reuse, and reporting.

A group of people seated in small circles during a workshop, discussing "Metadata Workflows" as displayed on the screen in the background.
Breakout groups discussing metadata workflows.

DataCite Connect is a unique event where our community comes together to engage in highly interactive discussions on pressing topics. The expertise of the participants and their willingness to contribute helps us to make progress towards our shared goal of metadata completeness. A heartfelt thank you to all participants for making DataCite Connect Prague a success and stay tuned for the announcement of our next DataCite Connect event!