DataCite Member Meeting 2022 Recap

“Seeing the people behind the email addresses and hearing a bit of the big picture as well as the detail and demo.” 

was the response by a DataCite Member when asked what he liked about the DataCite training sessions at this year’s DataCite Member Meeting. 

This year, we shared insights and news with our members and the broader community in six open sessions and two training sessions that ran throughout the day. A total of 334 participants from 226 institutions in 36 countries attended the sessions, which accommodated multiple time zones.

Our Executive Director, Matthew Buys, gave an update about our work on the strategic plan in the past twelve months and asked the community about their priorities. To make our member meeting truly global and inclusive, we created five translations in advance of the meeting and shared these on our YouTube channel where all other session recordings (and links to the slides) can be found. If you haven’t done so yet please take a look at this session in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese!

The product roadmap sessions led by our Product Design Manager, Kristian Garza, were highly interactive, as the audience was able to vote live on insights on our product board. If you have any additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to go to our roadmap and leave your comments there!

In collaboration with our colleagues from other open infrastructure organizations such as Crossref, IGSN, ORCID, ROR, and RAiD we held a panel discussion to clarify how the different infrastructures work together. All infrastructures provided brief overviews of their services followed by a discussion how these services play a role at different stages in the research lifecycle.

A second panel discussion allowed DataCite service providers to showcase their platforms and explain how they work with DataCite services to support best practices for DOI registration. Throughout the session, attendees took the opportunity to ask representatives from the Dataverse Project, EPrints, Redivis, and Cayuse about repository integrations.

Exclusively for DataCite Members and Consortium Organizations, we offered two training sessions, with each one being divided into a core track and advanced track. Eleven of our DataCite staff members provided hands-on training to our members on topics such as metadata (basics, schema, and formats), Fabrica, DataCite Commons, IGSN, communications, and APIs. In the follow-up evaluation survey, almost 75% of the respondents rating the usefulness of the session as either very useful or extremely useful. These numbers are asking for more training sessions, which we’ll be working on in the coming period.

We thank all the presenters and attendees of the 2022 DataCite Member Meeting for their participation, contributions, and feedback and hope to see some of you again next year at one of our in-person or virtual events. Stay tuned for more information on next year’s plans! 

Paul Vierkant
Outreach Manager at DataCite | Website | Blog posts