DataCite’s New Membership Model – Join Us!

It has been a busy few months at DataCite, but we want to share some important information about changes to DataCite’s membership model. Earlier this year DataCite members voted to revise our membership model and open membership up to any organization that shares our data sharing mission. Previously DataCite limited membership to non-profit organizations.

We invite members from all types of organizations – including data centers, publishers, libraries, and funders – to join our global network committed to supporting data sharing through partnership, advocacy, and by developing tools and services that accelerate data sharing, use, and reuse. Together, we will be at the forefront of helping to transform scholarship and the role of research data in our society.

Based on the design by Liravega

DataCite members enjoy numerous benefits and show their support for research data sharing by:

  • demonstrating an elevated level of commitment to open-data and open research.
  • becoming part of a global data-sharing community, learning, collaborating, and advocating with a leading-edge network of data research experts.
  • supporting and participating in the creation and management of persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research outputs (allocating members).
  • playing a critical role in advancing DataCite’s data-sharing mission through their financial support.
  • shaping the future DataCite – and data research in general – by serving on DataCite’s Executive Board.

There are two types of memberships:

  • Allocating Members are those who wish to allocate DOI names and use the Registration Agency of DataCite in their capacity as allocating agents. They work actively with data centres and users for the purpose of issuing DOIs.

  • Non-Allocating Members are those who support DataCite’s mission but do not wish to allocate DOI names. They work actively with DataCite and the wider research data community

If you are interested in DataCite membership contact us at or for more information on DataCite membership see our membership page.