Three new DOI Fabrica features to simplify account management

Last month we launched DOI Fabrica, the modernized version of the DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) web frontend. It is the one place for DataCite providers and their clients to create, find, connect and track every single DOI from their organization.

November has arrived and it has brought a new set of features and improvements to DOI Fabrica. We’re constantly improving DOI Fabrica to help your organization register and manage DOIs and metadata. In the release this week, there are two new features and a major improvement.

Before heading to the new features, we are glad to inform you that DOI Fabrica has now 100 registered users. The initial uptake by DataCite providers has been very encouraging, and we hope the new features will further encourage users to register for DOI Fabrica. If you are a user of DataCite services and still have not been able to access DOI Fabrica, please do so, following the process described below.

Introducing an improved workflow to assign roles to DOI Fabrica user

The initial workflow for assigning roles to your users in DOI Fabrica was too complicated, and potentially confusing. Thanks to your feedback we have now simplified how administrators can associate a user with a provider or client, and assign the appropriate role. Just type the ORCID ID of the user you want to add, confirm their name, assign their role and parent organization – all on one single page. You will find this process clearly documented on our support website.

Clean up your client list by deleting no longer needed clients

There will be times when you want to delete a client account. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can do it with a single button? Well, now you can. Provided that the client has no DOIs registered, an admin can delete the client by simply clicking a button (and confirming in the screen that follows).

Take a look at our documentation for further details.

Transfer DOIs between clients

In the past transferring DOIs between clients was a complicated task, that required double checks and DataCite staff doing database operations. Now you can do it with a simple click, provided that you are a Provider administrator. Take a look at our documentation for further details.

For more details, check out the recording of the webinar we held on November 8 below with loads of more information about this release and Demos you may have missed. And check out our updated Roadmap for what’s coming next!

Kristian Garza
Product Designer at DataCite | Blog posts