Meet the first DataCite intern!

Hello! This is the newest addition to DataCite, I am the new intern! I am very excited to be here and full of energy to learn from and provide support to the DataCite Community. I am in my final year of the bachelor’s program International Studies at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Within my bachelor’s program I specialize in Latin America and I will be working closely with DataCite’s Community Engagement Team to provide support in outreach to the global community.

As part of my bachelor’s program we delve into the research world; however, it is only now that I am learning about the importance of data management. Surrounded by scholars, I am very interested in research and I profoundly believe in its importance for the development of our society. However, the appropriate management of our data is as important as the data itself! Data management is crucial to its accessibility, reliability and timelessness.

I am Portuguese-Venezuelan but I have lived most of my life in Panama. I am native in both Portuguese and Spanish and I am particularly passionate about the sustainable development of Latin America. I find it important that DataCite reaches Latin American organizations and thus I am particularly happy that I will have a chance to focus on outreach in Latin America during my internship. For instance, in my area of interest, research in development would be more useful and be subject to a greater impact if the research is more reliable and accessible elsewhere.

I am very happy to step into the world of data management solutions and excited to learn about the significant and valuable services that DataCite provides. I look forward to meeting the DataCite community so feel free to reach out to me at with questions and suggestions!

Veronica Gomes Ferreira
Intern at DataCite | Blog posts