Requesting Your Feedback on DataCite Metadata Schema Changes

The DataCite Metadata Working Group has been working on the next batch of Metadata Schema changes—and we need your feedback! Today, we are sharing a new Request for Comments (RFC) with several proposed changes to the DataCite Metadata Schema.

Since Schema 4.5 was finalized, we have been working on numerous ideas put forward by the DataCite community—some of which are reflected in this RFC. The set of changes we are sharing here is not yet a complete schema version; rather, this RFC contains an assortment of changes that may be released in different versions—for example, some changes may be released in Version 4.6, while others may be scheduled for later versions. The implementation details and release timing of specific changes will depend on complexity, backward compatibility, and the DataCite development roadmap. 

You can find the Request for Comments document here:

DataCite Metadata Schema Changes: Request for Comments (March 2024)

The changes we are looking for input on include:

  • Making the Language property repeatable and recommended
  • Documentation updates to clarify supported language codes
  • Adding a new dateType: Coverage
  • Adding two new relatedIdentifierTypes: RRID and CSTR
  • Adding a new contributorType: Translator
  • Adding two new relationTypes: IsTranslationOf and HasTranslation
  • Adding a new resourceTypeGeneral: Project

We are interested in your comments, questions, and suggestions related to the proposed changes. We invite you to consider these three questions:

  • Would the change work for your use case? Why or why not?
  • Is there something you would like to see implemented differently?
  • Which aspects of the change would benefit from clarification, if any?

You can leave comments and suggestions directly on the RFC Google Doc. The RFC will be open for comment through May 31, 2024 (deadline extended from May 6).

Our goal is to make this feedback process as accessible and transparent as possible. (If you need it, we have also made the RFC available as a PDF.) If commenting on the Google Doc does not work for you, please send feedback to and indicate whether you would like us to post a comment on your behalf. You can also email us with any questions about the process.

If you have additional suggestions for Metadata Schema changes that are not in this RFC, please share them with us via our suggestions process.

As a community-driven organization, we are pleased to open the DataCite Metadata Schema review process to everyone. In this way, we want to ensure that all feedback from the community is heard, because a global standard can only evolve in accordance with the people who use it. We therefore look forward to hearing from you!