Navigating Forward: Progress Across Pillars

In the dynamic landscape of organizational growth and innovation, progress isn’t just about moving forward—it’s about navigating through our distinct strategic pillars that uphold the foundation of our journey at DataCite. As we continue on our reflective journey through our achievements and aspirations, let’s review the progress made across each pillar.

Pillar 1: Provide easy, efficient, and responsive community services to support the needs of our community

At the core of DataCite is our commitment to building a solid foundation. From implementing valuable Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to investing in stable technical infrastructure, our efforts under Pillar 1 underscore our dedication to community alignment and resilience.

Through collaborative initiatives led by our teams, we’ve begun integrating OKRs into our workflows, laying the groundwork for transparent accountability and strategic focus. Despite positive strides, there’s acknowledgment that embedding OKRs more deeply remains imperative for optimal alignment with our overarching strategy.

Our investment in technical infrastructure has yielded tangible results, with 99.99% uptime achieved through meticulous resource allocation. However, ongoing efforts to address latency issues underscore our unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless service delivery for our community.

Pillar 2: Connect scholarly resources through metadata to bring rigor to the scholarly record and track research influence

In our continued efforts to bring rigor to the scholarly record, we continue to make positive progress. From enhancing metadata completeness to launching enhanced services, our efforts reflect the commitment to elevating metadata quality and reusability.

Our journey towards enhancing metadata completeness is underway, driven by a shared vision of enriching quality. With plans to establish progress metrics, we are set up to track our progress as a community as a whole.

Connecting scholarly resources through metadata requires that this metadata aligns with global standards. As such, we continuously engage with our community to ask for feedback on future developments of the DataCite Metadata Schema. With the proposed changes for schema 4.6, we want to ensure that all feedback from the community is incorporated into planned changes and iterations.

The recent launch of our data file marks a significant milestone in our efforts. As we engage stakeholders and early adopters, we’re laying the groundwork for expanded reach and impact within the broader community. Our dedication to promoting exemplary PID workflow integration further reinforces our commitment to facilitating seamless PID metadata utilization for organizations globally.

Pillar 3: Identify and connect all resource types held by research organizations globally

As our focus on global community engagement continues, we continue to have positive collaboration across communities. From developing strategies for global outreach to fostering strategic partnerships, our endeavors underscore a commitment to inclusivity and shared success as a community.

Our efforts to develop a strategy for engaging emerging communities reflect a concerted effort to foster dialogue and collaboration beyond geographical boundaries. As we chart a clear path forward for strategic partnerships, collaborative initiatives will be key to realizing our shared vision for sustainable growth and innovation. In March 2024, we announced our strategic partnership with ARDC to deliver the RAiD service and system, a service and system to identify and track research projects and activities.

As we reflect on the progress made across these pillars in the first quarter of 2024, it is clear that our journey forward is defined not only by individual achievements but by the collective spirit of collaboration and innovation. With each pillar representing a distinct facet of our community ethos, we’re poised to navigate the complexities of our evolving landscape with resilience, foresight, and unwavering determination. Together, we continue on a journey of continuous growth, fueled by our shared commitment to excellence and impact.

Matthew Buys
Matt Buys
Executive Director at DataCite | Blog posts