New Prefix Assignment Workflow in Fabrica


We are happy to announce that we have improved the prefix assignment workflow in Fabrica. Following  pillar one of our strategic plan: “Provide easy, efficient and responsive community services to support the needs of our community”, we simplified the prefix assignment workflow. The new process gives more autonomy to our members when setting up repositories in Fabrica.

Streamline Prefix Assignment

For DataCite members and consortium organizations, the new functionality streamlines prefix assignment to repositories by automatically assigning a prefix on repository creation by the user, instead of having the user request a prefix from DataCite support every time they need one.
This is how it works:

Repository creation still looks the same in DataCite Fabrica. The user goes to the repository list of their organization, clicks the ‘Add Repository’ button, then fills out the create repository form, and finally selects the ‘Add Repository’ button at the bottom of the page to create the repository.  On successful repository creation, a prefix is reserved from the pool of available prefixes, automatically assigned to the repository and to the member or consortium organization the repository belongs to. The prefix will be displayed on the success page in a green alert box.

Adding a new repository with the automated prefix assignment workflow.

The user may then select the ‘Prefixes’ tab, and will see the prefix listed. 

There is no more ‘Assign Prefix’ button in the Prefixes tab. In line with our guidelines, Repositories have one prefix by default.

Member driven

The changes that we made to this workflow were based on requests and input from the community. If you have any questions about this new functionality, check out the updated support pages for Direct Members and Consortium Leads and Consortium Organizations or contact DataCite support. We would like to know if you are as happy as we are about this new workflow, so please share your feedback with us.