DataCite Open Hours in 2021

This year we relaunched DataCite Open Hours, keeping the same focus on community interaction, but also incorporating a section for gathering structured feedback for the DataCite product roadmap and metadata schema.

We don’t record Open Hours because we want to create an informal and relaxed environment where everyone can ask questions and share ideas with the presenters and other attendees. Those that have joined the meetings this year will have enjoyed some fantastic presentations. Some of the highlights include a session dedicated to data curation where we heard presentations from 3 of our members (ICPSR,Virginia Tech and PANGAEA about their data curation workflows, and more recently a fascinating introduction to the new Fair Workflows project that has just kicked off.

All of this year’s presentations (and previous years) can be found on the Open Hours page on our support site.

Product Roadmap and Metadata Schema

Using this new format, the Product Engineering team has kept the membership informed about the progress in the 2021 roadmap and involved them in validation activities. For example, during the open hour’s session this year, and together with the help of members attending the meeting, the Product Engineering team has collected insights for nine potential metadata schema changes. The information collected helps the Product Engineering team and the DataCite Metadata Working Group prioritize and define future schema changes.

We share the DataCite Open Hours invite with our mailing lists (make sure your contact is included in your organization’s Fabrica account) and in the DataCite Chat Room on the PID Forum.

If you have an idea or suggestion for an interesting topic you would like to know more about an Open Hours session, please contact us at

Kristian Garza
Product Designer at DataCite | Blog posts