PKP is now a DataCite Registered Service Provider

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and DataCite are pleased to announce that PKP is now a DataCite Registered Service Provider.

The PKP collaborates with scholarly publishing and infrastructure communities to develop and maintain Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP), and Open Preprint Systems (OPS) publishing software

As a DataCite Registered Service Provider, PKP’s OJS software integrates with the DataCite MDS API allowing for DataCite Members and Consortium Organizations to register DOIs using their DataCite credentials.

In order to gain this recognition, PKP software had to meet requirements and follow best practices meant to ensure that integrations register DOIs accurately with rich metadata. This post shows examples of the integration and functionality.

DOI Settings

The management of DOIs is now in the core of the OJS code rather than controlled through the plugin. The settings can now be found under Distribution > DOIs, as pictured below:

Under ‘Setup’, one can choose which types of publication items should be assigned a DOI, add a prefix, choose if the DOIs should be assigned automatically, and choose the format to use when DOIs are generated.

New in PKP’s 3.4.0 software release is the way the default suffix is generated. The new default suffix is based on DataCite best practices; it is a random, six-character base 32-encoded number followed by a two-digit checksum. Done this way, the suffix is not reliant on any existing publication metadata.

DataCite Settings

The DataCite Manager Plugin enables the export and registration of DataCite metadata. The plugin can be enabled/found under the ‘Generic’ category under Website Settings > Plugins. 

If enabled, under Distribution > DOIs > Registration one can choose DataCite as the registration agency and set up the registration.

Users can enable the automatic registration upon DOI publication and enter their DataCite Repository account username and password needed for the DOI registration. Users can also select to use the DataCite test system, then enter the test username, password, and prefix. 

The DataCite test system allows users to try out DataCite services in a safe sandbox environment. Using the test system users can try out and automatically register DOIs without the risk of creating live DOIs.

DOI Management

In the 3.4.0 release, all DOI management is handled from the central DOI management page available via the “DOIs” link in the left sidebar.

Each item’s status is displayed via a badge to the right of its name. More information can be seen by expanding the item. For example, if a deposit failed, the error message would be included here.

The filters on the left side allow users to filter by status and issue. The same search used on the Submission management page is available on the DOI management page.

‘Bulk Actions’ are also new in PKP’s 3.4.0 software version, which are used by selecting some or all items and choosing the desired action. There is also a possibility to select or expand all.

Assigning DOIs

The DOIs can be either automatically assigned upon reaching the copyediting stage, or upon publication, or they can be manually assigned. To manually assign a DOI, one can either edit the item and enter the DOI name, or select the item and use the bulk action ‘Assign DOIs’.

Depositing DOIs

The DOIs are deposited in several ways: either automatically upon publication, using the button ‘Deposit All’, selecting some items and using the bulk action ‘Deposit DOIs’, or expanding an item and depositing it.

DataCite Metadata

OJS supports the current DataCite Metadata Schema. Pictured below is an example of a metadata export in DataCite XML format.

PKP is pleased to provide an easier implementation of DOI registration via this work with DataCite, and is proud to be named a DataCite Registered Service Provider. Please contact PKP with questions or comments about this release or its software. 

DataCite welcomes PKP as a DataCite Registered Service Provider and is excited to see this implementation being used by the DataCite community. If you have questions about the DataCite Registered Service Provider Program, please contact DataCite support

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