Reaches a Milestone and Begins Offering Badges has reached a milestone of identifying and listing 1,500 research data repositories, making it the largest and most comprehensive registry of data repositories available on the web. It has grown steadily since its launch four years ago to cover a wide range of disciplines from around the world.

Growth in repository listings in from August 2012 to March 2016

In other news, badges are now available for repositories to acknowledge and link to their listings in Badges are dynamically created for each repository to display the name of the repository with the icons and DOI associated with its registry entry.

Example badge for the PANGAEA repository

To generate a badge for a repository, simply look up it up in and click “Get a Badge” at the bottom of the page. Badges are available in two different sizes and colors to match the theme of your repository, and they can be downloaded in SVG and PNG formats or embedded using a snippet of HTML.

Some examples of how data repositories have integrated these badges include the Bielefeld University, CLARIN, PURR, and the Landcare Research Data Repository.

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