Reaching out to the World of Research Data and Persistent Identifiers

With this blog post I’d like to introduce myself as the new Outreach Manager of DataCite. Being an Open Science advocate by conviction, I am happy to contribute my knowledge and experience to DataCite’s Engagement team. Before I joined DataCite, I was working for the Helmholtz Open Science Office in Germany, spreading the idea of Open Science among researchers and research institutions alike.

Paul Vierkant, new DataCite Outreach Manager

Within my work for Helmholtz, I was responsible for outreach activities on topics such as author identification using the Open Researcher and Contributor iD (ORCID) and research data management promoting the registry of research data repositories (re3data). In both fields there was, and still is, a fundamental need to raise awareness about the important role of persistent identifiers in research. This is one of the reasons DataCite is an active partner in research projects such as the recently started projects re3data COREF (Community Driven Open Reference for Research Data Repositories) [@] and ORCID DE [@]. In my role at DataCite, I will be working on these two projects.

In the course of re3data COREF, we will develop a conceptual service model that takes into account new requirements by other stakeholders (e.g. content aggregators) using the re3data API. In addition, the technical infrastructure as well as the metadata schema will be revised and updated according to FAIR criteria and the latest standards in research data management. These goals can only be met if we reach a deeper understanding of community needs by engaging with different stakeholders.

Reaching out to the community also applies to DataCite’s major goal within ORCID DE, which is to determine the use and status quo of organization identifiers at higher educational and research institutions in Germany. Community engagement will play a key role when raising awareness for the need of a persistent identifier system for organizations, such as the Research Organization Registry (ROR) ID.

As DataCite’s outreach manager I’d like to end this blog post with the title of one of the greatest songs of the Four Tops, so if you have any questions or comments regarding re3data, ORCID DE and ROR: “Reach out I’ll be there!”