Register DOIs with the new Fabrica form!

Today we’re releasing a special follow-up to our successful DOI Fabrica 1.0 release earlier this month [@]. That’s right, the DOI registration form is here!

We know many of you have been waiting for this feature, and we’re pleased to say it has arrived. You can now enter the metadata for your DOI into individual form fields instead of uploading a metadata file. This means it’s even easier to create and manage DOIs within Fabrica than before. The new form contains all of the fields that are required by the DataCite Metadata Schema, plus the recommended Description field and a free-text Resource Type field. In the future, we’ll be adding other fields to the form from the recommended and optional fields in the DataCite Metadata Schema, but there’s no fixed timeline for that just yet. If you have feedback or want to make sure we don’t leave out your favorite field, feel free to contact us at

The new DOI registration form in DataCite DOI Fabrica

The new form also contains many of the new features of the file upload mode we launched in DOI Fabrica 1.0, such as automatically generating DOI names for you according to an algorithm to help you avoid name duplication. There are also validation checks for each field to help you eliminate data entry mistakes.

To find out more about our new form, check out our updated documentation on how to create a DOI via the form. DataCite Clients can also check out the new form in action by signing into DOI Fabrica and going to the DOIs tab of their dashboard.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Love or hate the new form? Let us know at