Support: a two way dialogue

Your new Member Support Manager here, excited about my recent initiation into the world of persistent identifiers, and keen to learn more about the DataCite community. I entered into the world of technical support working at a large global information company, a different set up to DataCite, to say the least, but the principles are the same. I love working with people, information, and now I’m a strong advocate of Open Knowledge. I think I’m in the right place.

As the Member Support Manager at DataCite, I want to make sure our member support is timely, responsive, friendly, and open. Support has always been a top priority here, the small size of the organisation meaning we react in an agile way to meet the needs of members. As membership grows the profiles of the service users diversify, and so does the type of support we’ll provide.

Our aim is to make sure that everyone using DataCite services and tools has access to tailored support, whether you’re a new service user getting to grips with everything, or you’re a diehard long term member that knows the ins and outs of all our infrastructures, we’re here to help.

Just getting started? We want to make sure you have access to quality support: a dedicated person, guides, webinars, and two way communication channels. Don’t hold back.

If your focus is more technical, what better than have a direct line to the development team who can provide you with expertise, and who are as passionate as you about building open infrastructure, code, and dedicated to the pursuit of open knowledge and transparency.

Learning from you

The support channel works both ways and we’re here to learn from you as well; we hope to offer open informal channels of communication where you can tell us your ideas or suggestions. We also want to offer you opportunities to interact with other DataCite members, join us every first Wednesday of the month at 17h (CET) for the Open Hours session, a chance to ask questions to the DataCite team and benefit from hearing about what other members are up to and any challenges they may have faced.

In an age of automation, things move fast and we want to make sure that you can share your ideas and visions so we can build the future of open and trusted digital infrastructures together.

Remember, you can contact us here:

Or check out the user guides (new material coming soon) here: