The Annual DataCite Member Meeting 2020

DataCite is a global community made up of members across the world. This has been an unprecedented year, but we didn’t want to let that stop us from hosting our annual member meeting. The only difference is that this year, like many meetings and conferences, we are going virtual! The online format means we can bring the meeting to three different time zones to make sure no one (except us) has to get up early or stay up late in order to participate.

As DataCite continues to evolve as an organization, the community plays an ever key role in shaping its future. We’ve designed a programme that will provide an opportunity for us to interact with and learn from our members and other stakeholders. The meeting will also be a chance to support each other in achieving our goal of bringing many types of research objects into the spotlight. Below is the program for this year’s meeting. If you are on our mailing list you will have received an official invitation. If not, and you would like to join, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

The outcomes of the meeting will be shared with the wider DataCite community.

Program (Duration: 2 hours)

Welcome and introduction (10 mins):

Matt Buys, Executive Director, DataCite

Polling /Q&A session (20 mins):

Sarala Wimalaratne, Production Engineering Director, DataCite

  • Break (10 mins)

DataCite member talks (45 mins):

Break-out session (20 min):

A chance to ask questions to the speaker and interact with other members

Share outcomes (10 mins):

A summary of what happened during the breakout sessions

Close (5 mins):

The meeting will be closed by the chair