The new Product Engineering team at DataCite

Last month we announced that DataCite has a new Product Engineering team responsible for DataCite’s Product roadmap.

Product Engineering Team

I am very happy that Kristian Garza will be joining the Product Engineering team from the 1st of October as a Product Designer. He has been with DataCite as an Applications Developer since 2016. Kristian has been supporting DataCite with product design activities over the past years. In his new role, he will be focussing on designing intuitive easy-to-use services for DataCite members and the wider scholarly community.

Going forward, the Product Engineering team will be actively working with the members and the community to drive DataCite product strategy and development closely aligning to their needs. We will continue to improve our internal processes to deliver value added, user friendly, stable services. You can use our product roadmap at to submit new ideas and keep up to date with our product plans.

Test system

One thing we have heard from our members is that they needed a dedicated test system just for them. To improve the member experience, we now have a dedicated test system for existing members and potential members to test Fabrica that is not used by the DataCite development team. This means that members can explore Fabrica by adding repositories, creating prefixes and assigning DOIs without real data and that the features will be exactly the same as our production system. DataCite staff will be using a new staging system for their development activities. You can still access our test system at