The Tsinghua University Library joins DataCite

DataCite is delighted to welcome the Tsinghua University Library to the DataCite community! The Tsinghua University Library supports the University’s mission of education and research. It engages with the ongoing environment to deliver world-class physical and digital content and services critical to research, education, and outreach, contributes to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and creative expression worldwide.

The Tsinghua University Library has a long history of innovation and service. It was established in 1912, just one year after the university was built. During the last century, it has gone through multiple restructuring processes, changing focuses and amassing an amazing collection of almost 5 million items.

The Tsinghua University Library

In the latest years, the Tsinghua University Library has made great progress in automation and networking. It provides access to an increasing number of electronic and virtual resources. These form a global open and multi-level information system for all its researchers and students, with more than 450 electronic databases, near 69,000 full-text e-journals, almost a million e-books and more than 35,000 multimedia collections.

Now, the Tsinghua University Library joins DataCite on a new effort to promote data culture by making it discoverable and citable. The Library has implemented many projects related to DOI successfully in the past, and it is currently working on the development of data management and data publishing in China.