We’re Having A PID Party – And You’re Invited!


PIDapalooza 2020 is just around the corner (January 29-30, Lisbon, Portugal) — and it’s going to be fun! We have a great venue, the fabulous Belem Cultural Center, and a great lineup:

  • On the main stage — three amazing keynotes: Maria Fernanda Rollo (NOVA FSCH), Beth Plale (NSF), and Kathryn Kaiser (University of Alabama, Birmingham). Plus a surprise local guest to help celebrate the start of the event!
  • Throughout the event — more than 35 fast-paced sessions on a wide range of PID themes, from Achieving Persistence through Sustainability to PID Success Stories, and beyond
  • Five PID party sessions — 30-60 minutes of PID fun and games galore, led by the likes of ORCID, NISO, and TIB Hanover
  • Our first-ever lightning talks — make sure you sign up on day 1 for your slot in this new one-hour session of rapid-fire, five-minute talks on the PID topic of your choice
  • Not one, but two unmissable social events — a pay-your-own-way pre-meeting get-together at the TimeOut Market Lisbon on January 28, and the official PIDapalooza reception at 5:30pm on January 29 (venue to be announced soon).
  • Plus all the usual fun you’ve come to expect from your favorite PID festival — the lighting of the eternal flame, your very own PIDapalooza T-shirt, the pub quiz, the wrap-up session, and more!

You can see the full lineup here, and tickets are now on sale (a bargain at just US$150!). Half of the available places are already filled (as of early December) —so get yours now!

Whether you’ll be attending PIDapalooza for the first or the fourth time — or if you’ve never attended — we’d also love to hear your thoughts about the event, so please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. We’ll share the results at PIDapalooza 2020, and on our blogs.

Thanks — and see you in January!

Your friendly neighborhood Planning Committee

Ana Afonso (FCT), Helena Cousijn (DataCite), Maria Gould (CDL), Stephanie Harley (ORCID), Ginny Hendricks and Maria Sullivan (Crossref)