Welcome Helena Cousijn – DataCite’s Director of Community Engagement and Communications


We’re pleased to announce that Helena Cousijn has joined our team, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to her position as DataCite’s Director of Community Engagement and Communications.

Prior to joining DataCite, Helena worked as Senior Product Manager for Research Data Management solutions at Elsevier where she was responsible for developing research data related outreach activities, providing Elsevier journals with data solutions, and managing partnerships with academic institutions. Helena’s research data outreach activities included managing relationships with data repositories, establishing partner programs with universities, providing insight into the researcher workflow, and developing solutions through extensive user testing. We welcome this mix of experience to the DataCite team.

Helena has a passion for open data and data sharing. While obtaining her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford she developed a strong interest in research data. Over the past several years, Helena has become a very active participant in the data community. She has worked on many important data initiatives such as the FORCE11 Data Citation Implementation Pilot, data linking through the Scholix framework, and developing a data policy for all Elsevier journals in line with the TOP guidelines. This work has allowed her to become an important voice in the data community. Helena also co-chairs working groups and committees in organizations such as the RDA and FORCE11, sits on advisory boards and is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Helena lives in Hilversum, the Netherlands with her family. When not thinking about changing the data culture, she enjoys traveling, rowing, horseback riding, and hiking with her dog.

Britta, Martin, Richard, Kristian, Robin, and I look forward to Helena joining our team on July 1st. As you welcome Helena, you can look forward to many interactions with her as she rolls out DataCite’s new communications and outreach strategy.