Welcome Piotr Adamczyk to DataCite’s Product Team

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If everything we hear is to be believed, anything we’d like to know is one simple natural language query away, formatted beautifully, reliably researched, and with insights that would have taken us a lifetime to derive. By joining DataCite’s Product team, I hope to help get us just a little closer to that vision.

I come from a Computer Science and Library technology background. I applied those skills first at the Metropolitan Museum of Art building an online presence for the Museum through blogs and Special Exhibition sites. It was my first exposure to the realities of cultural heritage datasets. At every turn, we were awed by what we could build with new tools but also the realities of how data built for one purpose – collections documentation – might not quite fit with emerging technology and user expectations.

I joined Google just after the V1 launch of the Google Art Project (latest) and was tasked with setting a metadata standard and working with contributing partners to grow the initiative. It was a mix of community building, finding ways to be valuable to partners, and working with them to make their data work in an unfamiliar Google infrastructure. But the realities of datasets continued to haunt us! For every wonderful feature we had prototyped in the product, we’d run into missing data from one key partner or, let’s call them, “semantic irregularities” between the datasets. Meaning that we were constrained in who we could include and what products we could build for everyone by the institutional realities – their ability to share as much as they would like, the completeness of their data, and the formats they could provide. And don’t get me started on versioning…

At ITHAKA, I took on a similar role helping grow the Artstor Digital Library and ultimately finding ways for the metadata describing collections of primary and secondary sources to work together on the JSTOR platform. Paramount was understanding the value that sharing data can bring to the contributors. Are they interested in usage? Do they care about visitors coming back to their own sites? Are they trying to save costs? While at the same time creating tools and experiences that users want.

What I hope to bring to DataCite is my understanding of how we can build standards, tools, and products that support the critical problems facing researchers, data providers, and institutions while acknowledging that all we do, by sharing outputs and creating DOIs, is to further engage with consumers of the data. I’m excited by the diversity of the partners already working with DataCite and finding more ways we can be valuable to our growing community.

A headshot of Piotr Adamczyk.
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