Welcome Suzanne to the DataCite Team!


DataCite is pleased to welcome Suzanne Vogt to our team. Suzanne joined DataCite as an application developer in November 2020.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you did before you started working for DataCite?

I have been a software developer for a number of years, my very early experience is in operating systems and networking. Since 2013 I have moved to web development and application development in higher education for the University of New Hampshire. Most recently I have worked in the UNH library to help them move towards modernizing their digital repository. I loved being in the UNH library and in the university setting in general but am very happy to move to DataCite and be able to use the knowledge that I gained at UNH.

What interested you in working for DataCite?

I am a great proponent of open source, open knowledge, open data. We are at a pivotal time with the internet providing unprecedented access to knowledge many people might not normally have, and I think that we are only going to benefit from it. The role that DataCite is playing, connecting researchers with data, making it discoverable and reusable, is extremely valuable and fits right in the goal of opening access to legitimate research data. I hope to be able to contribute to that effort in the areas of maintaining and advancing the supporting technology whether that is the back end, front end, or user experience. Being so new at DataCite, I am still looking at a more specific roles.

What technologies are you interested in?

I have always been interested in upgrading my knowledge. I have worked with a number of technologies that DataCite uses and am especially happy to add much more depth to my experience in using these technologies to support higher education. Perl, however, has been my favorite programming language for a number of reasons. I have found it to be expressive enough to do everything that I want. Additionally, Perl has always had a thriving, open-source community that is very supportive of its constituents.

Given your background working on technology for an academic institution, how can DataCite make it easier for them to use DataCite services?

I would have to say that, in general, the key things to making a service easier to use, for anyone, is great documentation, and a meaningful API.

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