Welcome to the New DataCite Committee Members of 2024


We are happy to introduce new members to the Services and Technology Steering Group, the Metadata Working Group, and the Regional Expert groups. After our call for applications in October 2023, we received numerous applications from community members eager to contribute to the work we are doing. Find out more about the new members below!

Services and Technology Steering Group

Esther Jackson, Columbia University in the City of New York, USA

Esther Jackson is the Scholarly Communications Technology Librarian at Columbia University Libraries, where she primarily works with the repository (Academic Commons) and supports the Digital Publishing Program. In addition to her work with researchers, code, and metadata, she is an active member of the Wiki-verse, including serving as a committee member of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Regional Fund for North America.

Rory Macneil, Research Space, United Kingdom

Rory has been involved in the development of research data management for the past 20 years. As the CEO of Research Space, he has overseen the evolution of RSpace from an electronic lab notebook to a digital research platform that enables the FAIRification of research data. RSpace is distinguished by an open architecture that facilitates connectivity and interoperability with other research tools and researchers. A specific focus is on integrations with data repositories, including Dataverse, Zenodo, Dryad, and Figshare, and data management planning tools, such as DMPTool, Argos, DMPoniine, and Data Stewardship Wizard, enabling the seamless transfer of data produced in the active research phase to repositories and thereby making it available for public sharing and query in accordance with FAIR principles. He also hosts the FAIR DataPodcast and is active in the RDA, where he currently co-chairs three groups: Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions, Working with PIDS in Tools, and Mapping the Landscape of Digital Research Tools. He was actively involved in the development of the Global Open Research Commons model and has recently joined the DataCite Services and Technology Steering Group. His main interests revolve around enabling the passage of data and metadata between research tools, the associated topic of tool and data interoperability, and the development of integrated research infrastructures that facilitate these data and metadata flows.

Ian Mathews, Redivis, USA

Ian Mathews is the CEO and co-founder of Redivis, a data platform focused on the needs of academic research. He envisions a world where data are widely accessible and believes that well-designed, researcher-focused software will be critical to making this happen. 

Prior to his work at Redivis, Ian worked with global health researchers and data journalists as he taught himself software development and the tools of interactive data visualization. Ian holds BAs in Public Policy and Economics from Stanford University.

Metadata Working Group

Andrea Medina-Smith, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Andrea Medina-Smith is a Data Librarian with the NIST Research Library and Museum. Andrea’s work at NIST includes working with researchers to document their data for publication, assessing and developing metadata schema for various projects, and assigning persistent IDs to NIST resources. Andrea holds a Master of Science in Library Science concentrating in Archives Management from Simmons College in Boston. Prior to arriving at NIST, she worked as a digital archivist for a small educational non-profit.

Nicola Tarocco, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Switzerland

Nicola works at CERN where he is the principal architect of the open-source digital repository technology InvenioRDM, which powers many repositories worldwide, including Zenodo, and adopts the DataCite Metadata Schema. He is also responsible for the CERN official Institutional Repository and its new version based on InvenioRDM. His areas of interest are mainly related to open access, FAIR practices, and long-term preservation.

Hana Vyčítalová, National Library of Technology, Czech Republic

Hana works in the National Library of Technology in Prague (NTK) as manager of the Czech National Repository of Grey Literature (NUSL) and curator of the Institutional Digital Repository of NTK. Since January 2023, she has also coordinated national metadata support for research data description and cooperates on harmonizing metadata interoperability within the Czech research infrastructure within a CARDS project.

Regional Expert Groups


Rodrigo Donoso-Vegas, University of Chile, Chile

Rodrigo Donoso-Vegas is a Librarian with a master’s degree in communication and new technologies. He is the Director of the Directorate of Information Services and Libraries of the University of Chile. He is specialized in the management of university libraries, working in public and private institutions leading automation processes, and the development of new products and services.

Ricardo Hartley, Universidad Central de Chile, Chile

Ricardo is a curious, self-taught, and passionate individual. He takes pride in being an OpenCon alumnus (2017), an Open Knowledge Maps ambassador, actively engaged with the Open Science Framework Community, and has recently joined the DataCite Americas Expert Group. Overall, he is a passionate advocate for open science.

Mariah Kenney, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Mariah joined the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at Carnegie Mellon University in 2022 as a Data Curator and Metadata Librarian. She is part of the Biomedical Applications Group and is the primary curator for the Brain Image Library and also works on the National Institutes of Health HuBMAP project, and the Consortium Organization and Data Coordination Center for the National Institutes of Health SenNet project. Mariah holds a M.Sc. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Her goal is to facilitate the sharing of research data with the global scientific community in order to promote scientific innovation.


Jiban K. Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, India

Jiban is a well-rounded information professional, a habilitated digital archivist, and a founding member of the Re3data Editorial Board. He earned his PhD from the University of Calcutta (India) and then was a Visiting Fellow of the ICTP-Trieste (Italy) sponsored by UNESCO. He is impassioned to build the capacities of R&D organizations for digital scholarship through open-science infrastructure. He has been serving the Indian Statistical Institute for more than twenty years and also acts as a Nodal Officer of the Indian Research Information Network System. Jiban always brings a thoughtful approach and he likes to listen to everyone for a rational and inclusive decision. He received the prestigious InfoShare Award of the ASIS&T (USA) in 2021.

Yuyun Ishak, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, Singapore

Yuyun leads the Institutional Repositories Team in Nanyang Technological University Library. She has spearheaded the research data repository assessment in NTU Library which led to certification. She enjoys interacting with repositories’ end-users and is passionate about user education. 


Ursula Rabar, OPERAS, Switzerland

As Project Community Manager since 2023,  Ursula facilitates global consultations and engagement with diverse OA book stakeholder communities on 2 projects: the OA Book Usage Data Trust effort and PALOMERA. Her position is hosted by OPERAS-EU, the European infrastructure consortia focused on Open Scholarly Communication in the European Research Area for Social Sciences and Humanities. Prior to this position, Ursula worked in publishing and bookselling, focusing on print book sales, foreign rights, OA journal commissioning, and institutional partnerships. 

Dario Basset, University of Milan, Italy

Dario has spent the last 10 years in the University Library department at UNIMI, overseeing technological environments and implementing the ex-libris ALMA suite. His responsibilities included providing support for back-office users, extracting data for statistical analysis, utilizing the API to correct database information, and engaging in various technical activities related to service delivery and operation. In 2022, he also acquired specific competence in the area of Open Science and Open Research Data, conducting webinars, constructing websites (for example, see https://rdm.unimi.it/), and assisting researchers in their activities.

Gultekin Gurdal, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

Gultekin Gurdal has been working as the library director at IZTECH. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. Between 2008 and 2012, he served as the Chairman of the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS), one of the biggest consortiums. He is a member of the “TUBITAK’s Open Science Committee,” “CoHE’s Open Access and Open Science Working Group.” He participated in OpenAIRE projects and is one of the OpenAIRE AMKE Executive Board members. He is working on EU projects PATTERN and DIRNA and is co-founder of Research Ecosystems, an R&D Company established within IZTECH Technopark in 2021.

Olayemi Oluwasoga, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria

Olayemi works at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture headquarters in Nigeria as the Open Data Engagement Officer. She leads a team of data curators, and a repository officer managing the institutional tabular data. She has a Bachelors degree in Statistics and two Master degrees in Statistics and Project Implementation and Development, respectively. Olayemi has been working with research data for over 20 years, analyzing, curating, and contributing to research publications. She is a passionate advocate for open data and engages in organizing workshops for data management. She is a member of the International Biometric Society and the Group Coordinator for the Nigeria chapter. She enjoys reading, driving, and watching animal documentaries.

Harold Bowa, UbuntuNet Alliance, Malawi

Harold Bowa serves as the Business Development Officer at the UbuntuNet Alliance where he is part of the communications team for the AfricaConnect 3 project. This initiative focuses on digitally transforming research and education in Africa through the establishment of a regional internet connectivity network and the enhancement of practitioner capabilities. Over the past 2 years, Harold has been part of a team leading the UbuntuNet Alliance DataCite consortium. Committed to advancing the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, he actively contributes to aligning African NRENs with these goals. Harold is also a public speaker and likes to read.

Tilo Mathes, Research Space, Germany

Tilo Mathes currently supports Research Space, a provider of Research Data Management solutions, as Product Manager and Open Source Lead. Tilo has more than 8 years of experience in building and growing digital products and services for a wide range of academics and science communities. With a background in academic research, he brings in a unique end-user perspective into his work and is excited to work on services and initiatives that foster open science.

Thank You

We are excited to see these new committee members joining to bring additional perspectives and knowledge to our steering and working groups. It is the input and feedback of our community that helps us reach our goals.