DataCite Ambassador Program

The DataCite Ambassador Program creates a network of dedicated volunteers that engage with our diverse community of librarians, repository managers, information specialists, data stewards, researchers, research organizations, learned societies, think tanks, and policymakers. Our ambassadors are passionate about raising awareness of DataCite infrastructure to build a more open and robust research ecosystem and to promote open research practices. The ambassador program is part of DataCite’s Global Access Program (GAP) that has been made possible in part by Grant 2022-316573 from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. 

The ambassador program raises awareness, fosters collaboration, and promotes best practices among regional communities. Ambassadors serve as advocates for DataCite infrastructure and contribute to the advancement of open research practices.

Benefits of being a DataCite Ambassador

Our ambassadors play an important role in the DataCite community and benefit from:

  1. Being a thought leader in your community by promoting best practices and  advancing open research and scholarship
  2. Expanding your network by connecting with fellow ambassadors, DataCite staff, researchers, librarians, and other stakeholders within the regional and global research community
  3. Official recognition to you and your affiliated organization from DataCite
  4. Receiving first updates about our latest developments, products and initiatives  
  5. Getting training on different DataCite services and products
  6. Growing your knowledge and skills by interacting and networking with the wide global community
  7. Giving back to your community by supporting and sharing your knowledge 

DataCite Support to the Ambassadors

We provide support to ambassadors through:

  1. Training and Resources: Access to our training activities, outreach resources, and guides related to our services
  2. Networking Opportunities: Participate in regular catch-up calls, connecting with other ambassadors, DataCite staff, and the wider community for collaboration and knowledge-sharing
  3. Technical Assistance: Technical guidance and support for implementing DataCite services within their communities
  4. Visibility: Recognition as official DataCite ambassadors on our website and promotional material

Ambassadors Support their Communities 

Ambassadors support their communities through different ways:

  1. Training & outreach activities: Conducting workshops, webinars, podcasts, and presenting in events in their own languages
  2. Multilingual educational resources: Translating DataCite resources, flyers and guides. Providing subtitles for educational and promotional videos
  3. Sharing feedback: Gathering feedback about regional challenges, specific needs and requirements from the stakeholders in community 
  4. Guidance and support: Helping potential DataCite members and current ones, providing volunteer support and help if possible in local language in coordination with the DataCite team. 
  5. Community Building: Ambassadors will foster connections, collaborations and knowledge sharing to build a regional community of practice. 

Apply Now

Applications are open for individuals that belong to organizations within the DataCite community (member and non-member organizations). Applicants should be based in or originally from Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East.

If you have any questions, please reach out to