DataCite Code of Conduct

Event Guidelines

DataCite is committed to ensuring our events are welcoming, productive, and safe and foster open dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, promote equal opportunities and treatment for all participants, and are free of harassment and discrimination. All participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration and we kindly ask participants to alert DataCite staff of any inappropriate situations or anyone in distress.

The following guidelines apply to all attendees, speakers, staff, contractors, volunteers, partners and guests at all DataCite online and in-person events.

The following represent types of behaviors that are not acceptable during DataCite events:

Participants that are asked to stop any misconduct are expected to comply immediately. Anyone violating this Code of Conduct will be expelled from the event and may be blocked from attending any future events.

We thank the community for your help in keeping DataCite events an open, welcoming, respectful, and friendly space for all participants.

Reporting Harassment/Misconduct

Please bring any concerns to the attention of DataCite staff by completing this form: DataCite Code of Conduct Incident Report

All reports will be treated confidentially.

If an individual experiences or witnesses harassment or misconduct, it is recommended that, in addition to notifying DataCite staff, they write down the details. They are not expected to discuss the incident with the offending party. Their confidentiality will be maintained to the extent that it does not compromise the rights of others.


Presentations from guest speakers during DataCite events reflect the individual views of the author and not necessarily those of DataCite.