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The Role of Funders in Building a Robust and Trustworthy Output Tracking Mechanism Using PIDs and Open Metadata

October 12 @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm CEST

Join us for a panel discussion that delves into the pivotal role funders play in promoting FAIR research practices and advancing Open Science.

Making research FAIR and Open requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders in the research ecosystem, and funders are in a unique place to take initiative and motivate others to follow suit; particularly, around the adoption of persistent identification and metadata annotation of research entities using open scholarly infrastructure.

In this panel, we will hear perspectives—including from funding organizations—on how the adoption of PIDs and the creation of rich connection metadata can serve as a concrete step towards Open and FAIR grant management, output tracking, and impact measurement. Opening talks by each of the panellists will be followed by a moderated discussion on how funders can leverage their influence to incentivize and normalize the adoption of FAIR workflows within the research community, thereby fostering data management, publication, and communication best practices.

Attendees will have the opportunity to raise questions for our panellists during the discussion session.

Register now using the link below to be a part of the conversation about the potential of FAIR practices in research funding and beyond.


  • Maria Cruz (Dutch Research Council)
  • Kristin Eldon Whylly (Templeton World Charity Foundation)
  • Erin McKiernan (Open Research Funders Group)
  • Xiaoli Chen (DataCite)
  • Ginny Hendricks (Crossref)
  • Amanda French (ROR)
  • Shawna Sadler (ORCID)

This session is open to anyone with an interest.