DataCite Connect Gothenburg 2023 (#DataCiteConnect23)

Lindholmen Conference Centre, Room Tesla, Gothenburg, Sweden (In co-location with the RDA 20th Plenary) Lindholmspiren 5, Gothenburg, Sweden

The DataCite Connect event in Gothenburg provides a forum for discussion and networking for DataCite members and the broader community. The session will focus on national PID and Open Research strategies and how the DataCite community can engage in, contribute to, and support their implementation. Participants will learn about on-going efforts across different regions and will have the chance to work together to identify and discuss alignments between national strategies and their current/future plans that leverage the DataCite infrastructure and services. The outcomes of the meeting will help DataCite members and community to better understand the PID landscape in other regions, connect with PID champions and establish new collaborations. There will be plenty of time for Q&A!

DataCite Connect Buenos Aires (#DataCiteConnect23)

Novotel Buenos Aires (en colaboración con la csv,conf,v7) Av. Corrientes 1334, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El evento DataCite Connect Buenos Aires ofrece un foro para la discusión y la creación de redes para los miembros de DataCite en América Latina. La sesión se centrará en discutir las perspectivas regionales en torno a la adopción de infraestructura de DataCite y cómo la comunidad puede participar, contribuir y apoyar su implementación. Los participantes tendrán la oportunidad de intercambiar historias de éxito y desafíos en torno a las comunicaciones, integraciones e ideas para la futura cooperación regional. Habrá mucho tiempo para establecer contactos y preguntas y respuestas.

DataCite Connect Prague 2024 (#DataCiteConnect24)

Educational Centre, National Library of Technology Technická 2710/6, 160 80 Praha 6, Czech Republic

The DataCite community will convene in Prague on June 10, 2024 to discuss how we can collectively make the most of metadata. In the session, we will discuss the value of consistent, standardized, and complete metadata; provide insight into current metadata practices; hear from DataCite Members about metadata challenges they face; and also discuss how registered metadata is currently (re)used. The session will include several interactive components, such as break-out sessions to discuss different (upcoming) resource types.