Welcome and General Strategy Update

Welcome to this year’s annual DataCite Member Meeting. During this presentation Matt Buys, DataCite’s Executive Director, will share an update on the DataCite community activities, provide an update on our strategic visioning process and layout the initial plans for the year ahead.

Getting Connected With DataCite Metadata! (DataCite Metadata Working Group)

The role of DataCite and other large-scale infrastructures is evolving from identifying things to connecting things and DataCite metadata includes many ways to make connections. We will concentrate on relatedIdentifiers (and citations), nameIdentifiers and affiliationIdentifiers. We will explore how these connectors are being used in DataCite metadata. Adding these connectors to your DataCite metadata provides great opportunities for you to improve connectivity for your datasets and your users.

Product Roadmap Today and Beyond

Presentation and workshop about the DataCite roadmap and product feedback for 2022, with Kristian Garza, DataCite's Product Designer.

DataCite Service Providers Showcase

DataCite launched its registered service providers program in 2020, in order to ensure that members have access to high-quality DataCite integrations that support DOI registration best practices.

What is your resourceType? (Open community session)

With the release of schema v4.4 earlier this year, DataCite now supports registering DOIs for a very wide range of resource types. The Open Community Session of the DataCite Member Meeting 2021 will focus on DOI use cases for different resource types, especially those beyond datasets and articles.

¿Como y Porque Construir un Consorcio de DataCite? (Session in Spanish)

En está sesión de una hora de duración tendremos tres presentaciones por nuestros consortium leads sobre su experiencia en la construcción de un consorcio nacional de DataCite. La Universidad de Chile, eScire en Mexico, y CNPq en Brazil hablarán de su experiencia de como y porque construir un consorcio nacional de DataCite.