DataCite Open Hours – January 2022

The first DataCite Open Hours of 2022 took place on Wednesday 26 January with a total of 62 participants joining (including DataCite staff).

DataCite Open Hours – March 2022

We heard some great presentations about the IGSN and DataCite collaboration followed by some interesting questions and discussion.

DataCite Open Hours – May 2022

We were lucky enough to hear some fantastic presentations about metadata completeness by experts in their field.

DataCite Open Hours – July 2022

In this edition, we celebrated 10 years of re3data! The session included some exciting guest presentations.

DataCite Open Hours – November 2022

In this edition of DataCite Open Hours, we discussed some of the ways we are working to achieve metadata completeness through our various project activities.

DataCite Open Hours – January 2023

In this first Open Hours of the year, we heard from Matt Buys, DataCite's Executive Director, and Sarala Wimalaratne, DataCite's Engineering Director, about DataCite's vision and roadmap for 2023.

DataCite Open Hours – May 2023

The session opened with a really interesting introduction to the new Global Access Program (GAP) by Gabi Mejias (Community & Program Manager), Bosun Obileye (Regional engagement specialist (Africa)) and Arturo Garduño-Magaña (Regional engagement specialist (LATAM)).

DataCite Open Hours – July 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined Open Hours and participated in the consultation. Kristian Garza, Sarala Wimalaratne, and Mike Bennet presented an overview of the ongoing PID Graph work under EOSC. There was then an opportunity for the attendees to provide feedback about the PID Graph work and suggest requirements for their use cases.

DataCite Open Hours – December 2023

At the Open Hours in December we will explore the topic of data metrics. We will hear updates from the Make Data Count initiative, discuss current practices at repositories and solicit your input on how we can better support tracking and exposing data usage information.

DataCite Open Hours – January 2024

The next DataCite Open Hours will take place on Wednesday 24 January 2024 at 4pm UTC. We will kick off 2024 with an exciting agenda, so make sure you are registered for our first community meeting of the year.

DataCite Open Hours – April 2024

For the Q2 edition of Open Hours, we will be hearing from three of the Global Access Fund (GAF) awarded projects. We will also be taking some time to discuss the topic of harvesting metadata.

DataCite Open Hours – July 2024

Don't miss our quarterly community meeting! We have two really exciting presentations lined up from DataCite Members Dryad and Zenodo showcasing the work they are doing with ROR IDs in the context of DataCite services and infrastructure. We will also have an update from the Global Access Fund (GAF) awarded project in Georgia.