Global Access Fund – Call for Support

Contribute to the Global Access Fund!

This year, we launched our Global Access Fund (GAF), as part of our Global Access Program (GAP). The GAF aims to make research outputs more discoverable by addressing financial barriers that may prevent underrepresented communities from accessing Persistent Identifier (PID) infrastructure. The first round of the GAF was really well received by the community, with 185 applications from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Now, we’re thrilled to take the next step and invite you to participate in this journey with us. By contributing to the Global Access Fund, you can directly support researchers and institutions in regions where Persistent Identifier adoption is low and more underlying technical infrastructure is needed to realize the benefits.

How your support will be used

Your financial contribution will become part of the Global Access Fund. Non-profit organizations based in Africa, Asia, Latin-America, or the Middle East can apply to receive funding for projects that enhance their access to our services. The fund supports projects in the following areas:

The impact of your support

By supporting the Global Access Fund, you are not just providing financial support; you are planting the seeds for a more connected research ecosystem that can make scholarship in underrepresented regions more visible and recognized, and increase research transparency and trust globally.

How to contribute

Both individuals and organizations can support the Global Access Fund by completing this form. Every donation will bring us one step closer to connecting research and advancing knowledge globally. 

Together, we can cultivate a more inclusive research ecosystem. Plant the seeds with our support tiers:

EUR 500

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EUR 2000

Nymphaea lotus is the national flower of Egypt and grows throughout East Africa and Southeast Asia.

EUR 4000
Royal Jasmine

Jasminum grandiflorum is a type of jasmine native to South Asia, the Arabian peninsula, and East Africa.

EUR 8000

Protea cynaroides is the national flower of South Africa, other protea species grow across Africa.

If you wish to contribute at a higher tier than those listed, please contact and we will facilitate the process.

Our call for support is open from now.
All supporting organizations and individuals will be recognized on our website. DataCite is able to provide an invoice and a donation receipt if needed. Should you have any specific questions please contact us at

Join us to build a more open and collaborative future

Together, as a global community, we can foster a more inclusive research landscape. DataCite embraces the principles of Open Science, where the walls surrounding research are torn down, where scholarship is accessible to everyone and all contributions to research are equally recognized. As a community that values openness, transparency, and the democratization of research, we invite you to join us in this exciting journey. Together, we can change the research ecosystem.