Global Access Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Global Access Fund (GAF) was established to enable organizations worldwide to make their research outputs discoverable. This fund is part of the DataCite Global Access Program (GAP) made possible by grant Grant 2022-316573 from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Applications are open for not-for-profit organizations within the research ecosystem (e.g. research institutions, associations, NRENs, government bodies, service providers, etc.) based in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. Applicants should be authorized to apply on behalf of their organization (legal entity).

No, we encourage both member and non-member organizations to apply.

Yes, the same organization can submit multiple applications.

Yes. For projects involving more than one organization, we consider the organization that submits the application on behalf of the group the lead organization.

The applicant's organization must be based within one of the target regions. If the project involves more than one organization, the lead organizations must be based within one of the target regions.

No, applications will be evaluated by reviewers from different locations and hence we accept applications only in English.

The evaluation criteria and review rubric are available here.

Funding will be awarded to projects of which the objectives align with the goals of the GAF. The funding could be used for:

    • Honoraria and personnel costs to support individuals conducting activities related to the project (e.g. software development, video editing, etc.)

    • Resources and services needed for the project (e.g. catering for a workshop, venue location, printing of outreach materials etc.)

    • Infrastructure costs (e.g. AWS storage)

Awardees will need to report how they use the allocated funding. All invoices and receipts need to be kept and DataCite reserves the right to audit during or after the project.

    • Honoria, resources and services not related to the project

    • Subawards without permission from the GAF committee

    • Personal benefit

    • Costs already incurred before the start date of the project

    • DataCite membership and service fees

The awarded projects will receive continued support from the DataCite team and will be able to exchange information with other awardees. Awardees are expected to attend regular meetings with the DataCite staff throughout the duration of the project to discuss progress.