DataCite Governance


Our Vision: Connecting research, identifying knowledge.

Our Mission: DataCite’s mission is to be the world's leading provider of persistent identifiers for research. Through our portfolio of services, we provide the means to create, find, cite, connect, and use research. We seek to create value and develop community-driven, innovative, open, integrated, useable, and sustainable services for research.

Governed by our community and directed by statutes

The strength of DataCite is based on its active membership. DataCite is governed by its members and Executive Board directed by our statutes.

DataCite Members

DataCite Members are the voting body of the organization. Membership is open to all entities that support DataCite’s data sharing mission. Members are governed by the statutes (the bylaws and operating procedures) of the organization. The statutes are developed, ratified, and approved by the members.

Members meet annually (General Assembly) to approve DataCite’s revenue and expenditures, stand and/or vote for the Executive Board, guide DataCite’s strategy, put forth resolutions and modifying the association’s statutes. Members also participate in DataCite’s Steering and Working Groups and provide input on new member acquisition.

Executive Board

Along with DataCite’s members, the Executive Board is the governing body of the association. The Executive Board consists of a President, four Vice Presidents (one of them being the Deputy President) and a Treasurer. One member of the Executive Board is an ex-officio representative of the Business Office. Members of the Executive Board are elected by members at the annual General Assembly and serve for a period of two years.

Executive Board Members

Board john

John Chodacki (President)

John Chodacki is responsible for overseeing the strategic planning, development, and operational management of the California Digital Library’s digital curation group, UC3 (University of California Curation Center).

Board essa

Mohamed A. Ba-Essa

Mohamed is Manager of Preservation and Digital Services at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) , where he is responsible for Research Repository and Research Data Services, University Records Management and Archive, and Library Systems and Digital services.

Board adrian

Adrian Burton

Dr. Adrian Burton is Director of Data Policy and Services at the Australian Research Data Commons which is a government-funded research infrastructure for data, cloud, and tools.

Board mark

Mark Hahnel

Mark Hahnel is the founder of figshare, a repository where users can make all of their research outputs citable, shareable and discoverable. He has a PhD in stem cell biology at Imperial College London.

Board hutchison

Viv Hutchison

Viv Hutchison is the Science Data Management Chief for the US Geological Survey. Her team develops and maintains a suite of science data management applications and leads a prominent open forum called the Community for Data Integration.

Board marco

Marco Marsella (Treasurer)

Marco Marsella is Senior Advisor Global Information System at FAO, where he contributes to the design of the system and the promotion of DOIs in the Plant Genetic Resources community.

Board salvatore

Salvatore Mele

Salvatore Mele is head of Open Access at CERN, where he co-architected the SCOAP3 initiative. His team develops solutions for Open Data and runs INSPIRE, a global Open Access digital library for High-Energy Physics.

Board irina

Irina Sens (ex-officio)

Irina Sens is the Deputy Director at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). She led the German project “Registration of Scientific primary data” which was responsible for the introduction of DOIs for research data.

Board sompel

Herbert Van de Sompel

Herbert Van de Sompel is Chief Innovation Officer at Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) in The Netherlands. He has a long-term interest in infrastructure to support scholarly communication in the digital era.

Board wittenberg

Jamie Wittenberg

Jamie Wittenberg is Head of Scholarly Communication at Indiana University Libraries, where she oversees research data, open access, and publishing services. Her team collaborates with faculty and students to curate, preserve, and share their work.

Board torsten

Torsten Reimer

Torsten Reimer is Head of Research Services at the British Library. His teams are developing the collection and services supporting researchers and research organisations, onsite and online, including digital preservation, repository, data and identifier services.

Board ross

Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross is the Director of Strategy and Engagement at the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), Canada’s national collective negotiating body for academic libraries in Canada. Rebecca is responsible for overseeing strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and marketing and communications of CRKN’s diverse portfolio of licensing and digitization, preservation and access.

Contact the board

If you want to contact the DataCite board members, please e-mail

Past Executive Board Members

Past Executive Board Members
Carly Robinson DOE 2019
Mike Frame USGS 2017-2018
Karen Morgenroth National Research Council Canada 2015-2017
Paul Bracke Purdue University 2015-2016
Brigitte Hausstein GESIS 2015-2016
York Sure-Vetter GESIS 2012-2014
Lee-Ann Colemann The British Library 2012-2014
Wilma van Wezenbeek TU Delft 2012-2017
Arlette Piquet ETHZ 2010-2015
Patricia Cruse California Digital Library 2009-2014
Pamela Bjornson National Research Council Canada 2009-2013
Alfred Heller DTIC 2009-2010
Uwe Rosemann German National Library of Science and Technology 2009-2010

Strategic Plan

Every three years, DataCite approves a new strategic plan for achieving our mission. The latest strategic plan is below.

Annual Reports

DataCite prepares an annual report in advance of our annual General Assembly meeting that describes our activities for the past year.

  1. Annual Report 2017
  2. Annual Report 2018
  3. Annual Report 2019


As a nonprofit, DataCite is governed by a set of statutes that are approved by our board and members. The latest approved version of our statutes is below.