Promote Reuse


Reusing research outputs and resources is greatly facilitated by implementing the FAIR Principles and embedding DOIs in scholarly infrastructure workflows. This is made possible through flexible and state-of-the-art tools and technology. By ensuring accurate and persistent citation information through DOIs, you can easily find, access, and cite the original resource, promoting proper attribution and recognition. These practices foster interoperability, enabling the reuse of research findings and driving further advancements.


DataCite’s Content Negotiation service, DOI Citation Formatter, and DataCite Profiles, all actively promote the reuse of research outputs. By ensuring accurate and standardized citations through DOIs and facilitating seamless access to scholarly information, these tools enable discovery, proper attribution, and collaborative reuse of research.


The Citation Formatter, open to the entire community, utilizes metadata descriptions of DOIs to automatically generate citations, providing researchers with an easy and efficient interface to build reference lists. DataCite content negotiation allows you to retrieve metadata for DataCite DOIs in different formats. With your permission, DataCite automatically updates your ORCID publication record, provided your ORCID iD is included in the metadata of an item registered with a DataCite DOI. In DataCite Commons you can claim a DOI (assigned to one of your resources) and add it to your ORCID record.