DataCite - User Stories

What is a User Story?

In software development, user stories are informal, natural language descriptions of features. They are written from the perspective of end-users and other stakeholders (clients, managers or developers). In our case, most of them are written from the perspective of members, data centers, repository managers, and researchers.

User stories have this standard structure:

As a 1, I want 2, so that 3.

  1. Who are we building it for, who the user is? — As a
  2. What are we building, what is the intention? — I want
  3. Why are we building it, what value it bring for the user.? — So that

How are they used by DataCite?

The DataCite team is collecting user stories to help us better understand the needs and requirements of the community and to prepare our development roadmap. They help us shape our new services and tools, and to set priorities.

The user stories presented below were prepared by the DataCite team from information and feedback we have heard from members over the past year -- feedback via, Open Hours and one-on-one conversations. Some user stories were submitted by DataCite members. Regardless, they form an initial collection of items we hope to expand and detail with your help.

We have grouped the user stories into categories and stakeholders, and these are there to organize the content and help you include your suggestions. We also indicate if the user story is associated with a particular development milestone, and where the user story is on our development roadmap (e.g. in planning, or development is in progress). Completed user stories are no longer shown, but can be found here.

How to provide feedback

All user stories are stored as GitHub issues. You can add comments and/or upvotes by clicking on the title and going to the respective GitHub issue. You can also add new GitHub issues here, and we will turn them into user stories that show up on this page. For a more detailed view of the roadmap and associated user stories, go to the DataCite GitHub repository or the DataCite board.

User Stories