Our Services

DataCite makes research more effective by connecting research outputs and resources–from data and preprints to images and samples. We support the creation and management of DOIs and metadata records, enhance research workflows with service integration, and enable the discovery and reuse of research outputs and resources.

Member Benefits

Maximize impact

  • Adapt to the unique needs of individual domains, users, and use cases
  • Improve interoperability with other infrastructure providers such as Crossref and ORCID
  • Connect research outputs through service integration

Improve efficiencies

  • Benefit from economies of scale as a registration collective
  • Streamline implementation to ensure compliance and follow best practice (e.g., FAIR)
  • Simplify the registration process and take advantage of DataCite technology
  • Track organizational influence and make reporting easier

Make a difference

  • Contribute to our development roadmap
  • Work with an organization active in the open science community
  • Join the discussion on the DataCite page of the PID Forum

Be supported

  • Get help when you need it via support@datacite.org and other channels
  • Make registration easy with implementation guides and supporting documentation
  • Receive updates on news and events with our monthly newsletter, regular blogs, and social media posts

Our Values



We exist to reliably support our community and ensure our infrastructure is sustainable.


We make transparent decisions and engage openly with the community in all that we do.


We seek to be a trusted partner for our members and other community stakeholders by delivering services that uphold community principles.


We support a global community and value diverse perspectives.


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