Policy for Consortium Organizations Registering More Than 10.000 DOIs


In 2020, the DataCite General Assembly approved the introduction of Consortium membership, where a group of like-minded organizations come together to collectively participate in DataCite’s community and governance activities and use DataCite’s DOI services. To limit the gap between the fees for Direct Members and Consortium Organizations and encourage active users to participate in DataCite governance, the fee model included the following provision: ‘Consortium Organizations that expect to register more than 10.000 DOIs annually should transfer to Direct Membership within the following calendar year, or pay the additional membership fee (2.000€ annually) while remaining part of the consortium. This ensures that there is appropriate cost recovery based on the impact of cost drivers.’

Implementation and Challenges

Following approval of the membership and fee model in 2020, the additional fee was first applied in January 2021 based on the number of DOIs registered in 2020. In January 2023, there were 20 Consortium Organizations that registered more than 10.000 DOIs to which the fee applied. 

Over the last three years, we became aware of the following challenges with this policy:

  • In most cases, organizations do not transition to Direct Membership, but rather stay in the Consortium and pay the additional fee
  • Some Consortium Organizations and Consortia aim to register less than 10.000 DOIs to avoid an extra fee at the end of the year, thereby not registering all the DOIs they need
  • Samples are often registered at a larger scale and within the IGSN community, it is expected that when Consortium Organizations start registering IGSNs they will exceed 10.000 DOIs
  • Increasingly, there are larger users among Consortium Organizations in which case the 2.000€ fee does not ensure sufficient cost recovery.

Policy Update

As a step to encourage larger and more active organizations to continue their support for our mission as Consortium Organizations, the Executive Board has decided to replace the existing >10.000 DOI fee with a new threshold of >100.000 DOIs annually. When registering over 100.000 DOIs, the consortium fee cap does not apply to the relevant organization but they would pay the DOI fee in line with the appropriate DOI tier. By doing so, we aim to encourage registration beyond 10.000, while still ensuring appropriate cost-recovery. 

In January 2024, all members are invoiced in line with the previous policy. Invoicing according to the new policy will take place from January 2025. Consortium Leads will receive an email with additional information in January 2024. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact finance@datacite.org.