Consortia Partnership Program Guidelines

The DataCite Consortia Partnership Program is designed to establish a collaborative network of Consortium Leads committed to advancing the adoption of DataCite services and infrastructure, as well as to promote best practices around leading a DataCite Consortium. 

This partnership initiative is aligned with DataCite’s mission to promote best practices and foster the adoption and benefits of DataCite’s services within different communities. As part of DataCite’s broader mission, the program seeks to facilitate knowledge sharing, strengthen consortium partnerships, and empower the community. 

The DataCite Consortia Partnership Program plays an important role by connecting experts and newcomers and by establishing a framework for the exchange of knowledge and resources relevant to their activities and duties as a Consortia Lead.

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1. Clear Expectations

2. Confidentiality

DataCite is committed to establishing clear guidelines regarding the roles and responsibilities of consortium leads participating in our partnership program. We recognize the importance of transparent communication, effective collaboration, and active engagement in program activities to ensure the success of our consortia partnerships. Our Privacy Policy reflects this commitment, outlining how we collect, use, and protect personal information.

3. Communication

4. Commitment

5. Respect and Professionalism

6. Flexibility

7. Accountability

By adhering to these partnership guidelines, Consortium Leads can establish a strong foundation for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support within the DataCite Consortia Partnership Program. Together, Consortium Leads can drive meaningful progress and innovation within their consortia and contribute to the advancement of best practices.